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  1. Amen amen. The Lord spoke this to me as well about decisions made from fear. The foundation of those decisions are made instability and no amount of effort will make it stable. Ahead—no fear. We are so much stronger and more powerful than we believe. Thank you S!

    • Greetings Marybeth! Great to see you and hear your AMEN. Yes, it is past time to see and receive and release that power! Love and blessings, Sandi

    • Priscilla, I am blessed by your confirmation. May His word produce hope and joy that brings substance to your faith walk. Many blessings, Sandi Holman

  2. Thank you Lord for how awesome and beautiful you are!!! There are no words to describe the beauty of your faithfulness to your creation.  These words are beyond comprehension and yet very moving to my heart.  Thank you Sandi for being that beautiful vessel you are for the body of our King and saviour.  Glory to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit for giving us encouragement in these last days.  Much love to you and family!!!

    • Dear MF, Thanks for your input and great encouragement to me. I appreciate your kind words and love for the Lord. Many blessings to you with love, Sandi Holman

    • Dear Faith, I am so grateful and receive you sweet exceeding blessing with much grace. Blessings right back to you, Sandi Holman

  3. Amen. YES

    English Standard Version Rev 2:26
    The one who conquers and who keeps my works until the end, to him I will give authority over the nations,

  4. Oh beautiful lady! Just before I read your post I looked up at the Father and admitted that I’ve been rejecting His Goodness!! I invited Him to cleanse me from that unrighteousness, just like He promised in His Word. It occurred to me that I’ve been doing that my whole life, since I was very little. But if I’m to be a vessel of His Goodness releasing into the earth…I’d better prepare and get used to it!! Whoop Whoop!! :D
    God bless you beautiful Woman of God!!

    • Dearest Cherish, I am right there with you on that daily cleansing and being a vessel of honor and gratitude. Love to you, Sandi

  5. This is a beautiful message, and I concur with its wisdom and truth of the Father’s faithfulness. I so appreciate you posting this, sister Sandi. All allegiance and honor to King Jesus!

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