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  1. Wonderful sharing! Me too had a biopsy in Dec and the final verdict from surgeon came out in Feb. It’s negative. I had been in so much pain and dark clouds almost a year. Had thinking of quitting ministry. And many voices that affected my life and my husband too. But Jesus delivered me at my lowest point. I am rejoicing with you. Our God is awesome!

  2. Robin, thank you for sharing this post.  It’s a comfort to many who are going thru spiritual challenges and being invaded by demonic false positives. I am happy to hear of your outcome, and your tenacity to remain focused on the Great Physician!

  3. Dear Robin

    I am rejoicing w/ you that you believed ‘the report of the Lord’

    I could relate, as I too, have had some biopsies, Dr.s reports etc, and yet, I ‘knew’ what the Lord had told me. I refused a procedure, in fact just last year, so glad I did, it was ‘negative’…not what they thought it was after all.

    All in all, my takeaway in all of this, is the Lord is not only our Great Physician – He is our everything. So happy for your good report Sister. Here’s to a healthy & joyful 2024! Shalom.

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