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False Prophets are an Open Sepulcher of Dead Men’s Bones — 35 Comments

  1. Dear Joyce,

    Such a clear and lucid post you wrote. I believe with the volumes of ‘prophetic words’ circling at this hour from every direction, it’s always wise to look, stop, listen, like schoolchildren at a ✋️ STOP sign. Look both ways before crossing into confusion or deception. It’s for our own good.

    It is necessary to check our “hearing ” often, and make sure, that we are hearing from the Chief Shepherd of our souls. Not people (the flesh/soul realm). I think the Lord had you that post- as a timely reminder for His people. Thank you.

    • Elizabeth I felt that too to repost. Still I was not realizing at the time there was no way I could ‘stop’ then.
      I had forgotten the comments with much ‘controversy’. Then I felt led to repost a second article showing up today. Only God could have led me as it was much warfare. It is a time like we have never been through before. I need the Holy Spirit to lead and guide me every moment of every day! I so thank the Lord for Angus and Jill and all there hard work on this site!
      Thank you my precious sister. God bless you. ❤️

  2. reply Mhhh Jesus’ defeat over the serpent was complete and absolute there are no loopholes Jesus has the keys to death Hell and the grave. If someone you have been praying for departs the earth your prayers are still in motion nothing is finished until Jesus decides. I believe everyone who has been prayed over even has an unanswered question about God bumps into Jesus face to face and opportunity is presented just like the disobedient in Noah’s day. As judging witchcraft we had a High priest Samuel do that for us and He says rebellion is the sin of witchcraft 1sam 15 23 which when we use this definition witchcraft is worldwide. The serpent’s kingdom is all about darkness and being led by temptation is the pathway to great darkness, God does not tempt anybody His pathway to life eternal is through goodness (peace and joy in the Holy Spirit).

  3. It is the anniversary of the sudden death of a loved one. We did not know where they stood with God, so for a few days, it was like looking into the ‘pit of hell’. God in his grace and mercy, started to minister to us by His word and the Holy Spirit that our loved one had cried out to Him in their last minutes. I was given two of my loved one with Jesus. He did a work of faith in me which I have never wavered from, even though I have no physical proof.  Even though my loved one was with Him, there was still grief, loss and consquences, including a family in turmoil and young children who grew up not knowing their father. The thief comes to kill, steal and destroy.
    Although the Lord was with me in the valley, I received no comfort in the church. I walked into church to a sermon in a ‘spirit-led’ church preaching that there was no reason for ‘grieving’ in the kingdom of God. For a while it de-railed my faith.  Last year, God prompted me to contact someone who knew my loved one, and is now in that church.  Through it, God ministered His peace and comfort. It was my time to heal.
    I can testify that my Saviour is truly a man of sorrows, acquainted with grief and that He walks with us through the dark valleys. We are to comfort others as we have been comforted. I look forward to the day when He will finally wipe all my tears away, and there will be no more sickness, no more pain, no more tears, no more death and I will see Him face-to-face.

  4. Exactly! Despite the diverse gifts, we are one body in Christ. No single gift can operate on its own. I need your gift, you need mine. All spiritual gifts must be used together for edification of the body of Christ. Competition brings divisions to the body of Christ which is the agenda of the Antichrist spirit. This can make us lose our focus & gifts to the ones we are even envying. Or strips us of our gifts to others who may have none thereby losing the gifts completely. Remember the parable of the talent. Jesus knew ahead of time that Satan would try to bring division to his followers & He prayed that all of us his followers may be one. Likewise, we all need to fervently pray for one another whether preachers or not for oneness in Christ. Greetings to your dear granddaughter. May the mantle of God of Elijah fall on her & take her to a greater height in Christ Amen. Thanks a lot God’s vessel Sandi.

    • Adams I see what you posted here for Sandi and I. Also below where you wrote this other comment.

      Thank you for sharing all you did for edification. Exactly, the witchcraft, mystical spirits are NOT continent bound.

      Also where you spoke dont forget brethren to test all spirits! Also thank you for the blessing on my granddaughter, I receive.

      Please view part 2, about knowing the Real Jesus. Thank you and many blessings on you and your family. Mama Joyce

      • Thanks Mama for your kind response. May God show us all His Mercy & Grace to run the heavenly race well & get our reward in heaven at last. Yes, I have seen the part two. I did send you my opinions but not showing delivered. I will resend it right away &;pray it won’t come double. More strength & anointing Mama.

  5. Cavalry greetings to us all in Jesus name. I am from Africa & want to briefly clarify few of the many facts about African & witchcraft spirits/power… Laughs. Africa had her traditional religion before the missionaries introduced Christianity. By the Grace of God, today We have lots of genuine prophetic voices emerging from Africa who are really using God’s true anointing under the watch of the Holy spirit. While on the other hand, some families that worshipped gods/deities & some of their kids claimed to have become pastors or born again still attach themselves to their forefathers gods/deities. These category of pastors use witchcraft spirits to deceive people with fake miracles & extort money from them. Those of us who live in Africa know some of these fake Churches operating under such demonic powers to deceive people. Therefore, the use of witchcraft/ mystical powers among preachers is not continent bound please….laughs. Don’t forget brethren to test all spirits. Thanks, its Adams with love from Africa.

    • Thank you for your reply Adams. I don’t claim to be an expert in Africa and in what is happening there, but I do still have friends there – some African and some not. I already said it is not only in Africa that use witchcraft to deceive and fake miracles. I have seen it happen here. Am a bit concerned with the ‘laughs’. I personally don’t think it any ‘laughing’ matter to see people for whom Jesus died, being caught up in witchcraft and bondage. I have seen it here in my country. I recently attended an inter-church prayer meeting (UK), where over half the people there were African. They were ‘decreeing’ and ‘declaring’ a lot. During covid, churches were (illegally) shut down by the government. 27 church leaders from my country presented a legal challenge and won. Only 2 from my city were involved. They were from ‘traditional’ churches. I find this quite a helpful website: https://m.facebook.com/Famine-in-the-land-679286202242353/

      • Thanks DEAREST. You weren’t wrong in your earlier posts please. You were only making some points based on your first hand evidence & not heresies as regards Africa & even UK you cited I guess. We here in Africa know some people operate churches under witchcraft power & its so fumny to me why they think people will not discern. They always get exposed in a very shameful way. That’s the reason for the laughs been inserted please & not to tease you or take the matter lightly. Hope am pardoned? Thanks & God bless you.

  6. I was invited to a course on ‘healing’, which I declined to attend. When asked why, I said ‘two words – gold dust’.  The man then tried to tell me about miracles in South America, where a poor child had been given a gold tooth.  I looked at him in horror and asked why would the Lord who is able to heal perfectly give a child a gold tooth and not a new tooth? Dentists are able to make gold and false teeth. This is not a miracle. This is a counterfeit.  Apart from that, if a child in a poor family had a gold tooth, what would stop the others either a) forcibly removing it and selling it, or b) making the child a freak show, or set up a shrine in order to make money!! Honestly – has no-one any wisdom or common-sense?

    • To Mhhh and everyone who replied thank you all. There were just getting to be a lot of comments and questions, so I just felt to do a part two which came out today. Hope you will read, “Lets learn about and Know the Real Jesus for ourselves.” God bless you each one.

  7. Reply to Mhhh The conversation between Nicodemus and Jesus was about being born again and how to become a Christian. The flavors of so-called Christianity that comes out of this discussion are staggering like no one actually believes that the kingdom of God has been established on the earth. To suggest Africa has a problem with witchcraft how is it this very straightforward conversation can be so twisted into deceit. Nothing new Jesus had the same problem and was even accused of being the prince of devils to try and nullify all the miracles and works that were following Him which is what attracted Nicodemus. God confirming His word with signs following is very hard to fake but some manage through those gifts that are based on trusting someone’s words as the word of the Lord hence the absolute necessity of the baptism of the Holy Spirit EVERY DAY HE IS NOT A VACCINATION

    • I actually did missionary work in a country in Africa, so have seen the effects for myself. I saw witchdoctors and saw the effects on the people and children, who were living in abject poverty and in-thrall to them.  The ministries that I was there with went out to bring practical help and preach the gospel. I still have missionary friends out there, who can testify to the difficulty of discerning between the Holy Spirit and other ‘spirits’. We have many African churches in my city. Some of the practices used in ‘worship’ look ‘fresh’ & ‘vibrant’ to Western eyes, but were used in witchcraft there, so I kinda see things differently.  I agree that it is not only Africa which has a problem with witchcraft. There was paganism and witchcraft here in the UK before and it is now creeping back in. Many of the newer ‘spirit-led’ churches are basically involved in new age and occult practices, because they are ignorant of the word and church history. I don’t think it is impossible for people to be fooled by false signs.  Does Revelation not say that the second beast will perform great signs?  (Rev 13:13). 2 Thess 2:9-10.

  8. As I told you earlier, I think you stole this word from me…hahahaha. The Lord gave ne this scripture about the whited sepulchres for more than a week now. What a sad truth it is. He first said the spirit of competition has risen among some prophetic voices and it was deeply affecting their unique identity. So very timely as the Lord is exposing everything standing in the way of His Holiness and the Fear of the Lord that must accompany this massive outpouring of His spirit to usher His Kingdom in the last days. Love the Holy boldess of the Lord that flows so lovingly through your heart dear Joyce. xoxo Sandi

    • Dearest Sandi, I agree with you & Mama Joyce on the above subject matter. Its a big problem here in the part of Africa where i am from and live. We see Stiff competition, stiff competition among preachers.. All for recognitions, intimidation & worldly pride/praise. Some of these prided preachers form group & if you don’t belong, then you’re not a genuine child of God or a preacher yet. They forget God’s anointing is for free, for edification of the Church & no one should boast of it.  God is the source of the anointing thorough the Holy spirit who deems it fit on who to give the free gifts by Mercy & unmerited favor (Grace) of God.  Because of their ego, the anointing begins to dry up & they turn to shadow of themselves & live in their past Glory. They also grieve the Holy spirit, send him out of the Church & from touching the congregation as well.  Humility is a true virtue of Christ & evey preacher or Christian should have it. May God help us all in Jesus name Amen. Thanks.

      • So true dear Adams, we must all guard our hearts with all diligence lest we allow our motives to be self serving, self centered and comparing ourselves in any way that results in and opens a door to the spirit of competition for we are fearfully and wonderfully made and each one of us has a unique gift and call and I have something that you may need but you as well have something that I may need that results in unit but competition brings forth division. So grateful for the anointing and so saddened that we grieve the heart of God when we covet and don’t see ourselves as He sees us and what He created us to be and do. Many blessings to you as you serve faithfully in Africa. I have an adopted granddaughter from Togo.
        Thanks so much for engaging. Sandi

        • Dear Sandi and all:
          I was just hoping to comment just on the newest article as a follow up. Still how can I comment there when it seems this one is still going strong? Thank you for your Words of wisdom pearls here, Sandi and Bev and others who kicked in and imparted.

          I read each comment from all of you and thank you for engaging my friends. Each person has some valid points.

          Still, may we only look to Jesus for what is real and know the counterfeit. Then we need never compromise.

          I do have some problems with some signs that dont ring true with my spirit.
          If it is the Lord all I know it glorifies Him!

          Too much glitzy glamourous out there for show it appears.

          The Real will always point us to the Saviour and only glorify Him and will not sell tickets so to speak.

          God bless all

    • To my friend Sandi and everyone who replied. Thank you all. There were just getting to be a lot of comments and questions, so I just felt to do a part two which came out today. Hope you will read, “Lets learn about and Know the Real Jesus for ourselves.” God bless you each one.

    • To Mark and everyone who replied thank you all. There were just getting to be a lot of comments and questions, so I just felt to do a part two which came out today. Hope you will read, “Lets learn about and Know the Real Jesus for ourselves.” God bless you each one.

  9. So please, help me understand, because I do not find any of these things plain, simple or easy to understand. Let me site samples, and I’d truly love and appreciate some feedback. I’ll break the comment up in different pieces.

    1. What happens to something like what Kim Clements said. Trump will have 2 terms. (And others followed suit.) Are they false? May we judge them as such, until proven otherwise without retribution of God? It now clearly seems Trump will come back in some way, shape or form. So were they false? Did we just not understand? And how do we then use discernment if our understanding nullifies the discernment in some cases?!


    • 2. What happens to things like the “Miracles in May” many prophets declared last month. None of it happened. Is it false? Or was it for a “future May”. Someone I trusted said “Recompense in November”. It did not happen. Is she false?

      Do we ignore all future words from these people? Or is that wrong, because it’s God’s anointed and we just don’t “understand the timing” or it happened “in the Spiritual”? What’s the right thing to do in such a case?

      If they said Earthquake on the 14th of June 2022 in Seattle of 7.3 and it doesn’t happen, then fine, it’s easy to judge it wasn’t of God. But “Miracles in May” isn’t that clear.


      • 3. Fruits of the Spirit can be feigned. They can seem kind and sweet. They can profess Jesus. They can not set a date, that passes falsely. So how do you judge a prophet that SEEMS to have fruit, SEEMS to pray to Jesus the Christ, NEVER gives a date, and all the words line up with Scripture, but it still just never comes to pass? Do we just follow this person in the hope that one day it will?

        If it’s for a nation, like Jeremiah or Joel, I understand it can take eons to come to pass. But what if it’s a small word like “your breakthrough is soon” or “healing will come your way”. How do we judge those people so that we’re not lead astray or by the nose for months or years by thrifters seemingly doing the right thing? But years later, there’s still no visible fruits? Nothing came true? How long do one give such a prophet? Can we believe God spoke “healing” over us for example, when nothing ever comes to pass? Or is it holding on to a falsehood then?


        • 4. Some people say – Just ask the Lord! Well, the REASON we listen to prophets, is because God does NOT speak as clearly to everyone. He choose to speak to a few, that must go to the many. I once asked God about a certain person and for 3 months I had to keep asking and asking, and only then He replied, and showed me the person is covered in darkness. Until then, I followed the person because I thought God lead me to him! And he was saying all the right things, showing kindness and love, etc. God showed me later why He took 3 months to reply. But still, if God takes 3 months to answer on 1 prophet, how in the world can I pray about the tens and hundreds that’s out there? How do we “choose” who to listen to then? During the end times, our lives may depend on the information given by God through prophets… who do we trust have given the correct order of things, or places, or such, if they never had a prophecy come true that we can judge!


          • 5. Lastly. If someone DID set a timing, like the earthquake example. And it did NOT come to pass. Does this mean all prophecies of him AFTER that is also not of God? And what about all prophecies BEFORE that, is that also not of God? Should we write off ALL those prophecies of that person, because of the one mistake, because if he/she listened to a false spirit it could’ve happened before as well? Would God use a prophet that’s 90% of the time His and 10% of the time not?

            Thank you in advance for anyone helping me on this. I am not American, and this whole prophecy thing is very strange, new territory. In my nation, we only had a few and they were always proven to be true or false quickly enough, nothing like what is happening on the internet!

            • The Lord does speak to us all, primarily through His word and the Holy Spirit. There are a lot of people who speak loudly and confidently and seem to know what they are talking about, but don’t. The problem with reading something on the internet, is that people can make all sorts of claims, but we don’t know if it is true or not. We also do not know what sort of lives they live.  There also cultural interpretations. We have people from Africa come and tell us we have ‘dead religion’, but this is not Africa. Africa has a background of witchcraft & chaos, so that when people become christians it is hard for them to separate that from the Holy Spirit. God is not a God of chaos. He is a God of order. The ‘fruit’ of the ‘dead religion’ before me, was order out of chaos, poverty, alcohol abuse. The ‘fruit’ of the last 20-30 years in my country is now bringing us lawlessness, chaos, poverty and disorder. This has been brought in by people who did not know how it was before and thought they knew better than the older, faithful, self-sacrificing generation. Talk is cheap.

            • Hi Nettie
              I totally hear you and had the same concerns but the Lord doesn’t want us to “look” to the prophets for “a word” as you know but He wants us to look to Him so we can get our own word just like you did – keep “enquiring of the Lord “‘ and the Lord did answer you after 3 months . The Lord wants to speak to us more personally of course so we must deepen our relationship with Him – that’s what I’m working on in my own relationship and so we have to “make” the time to spend with Him and we will hear that still small voice more often and more clearly. Really preaching to myself here – lol
              And as it says there will be many false prophets in the last days- we So need discernment in these days . God bless you Nettie

          • With some of these things, they can be many years from now if no date is given. We just keep them mind. Also, like miracles in May, if that speaks to you then it’s for you. They are not for everybody. And sometimes prayer can change things. I’m assuming the false prophets spoken of here are getting caught up in worldly politics or something but not really seeing from God. The Christian should have wisdom and discernment and always take a prophecy back to the Bible, and God in prayer. Always Jesus is first place. That goes for prophets too. There is a story in the Bible where a prophet was not to eat or drink in a place, but another prophet said to eat and drink. The first prophet died because he listened to the other prophet before God. The second may or not have been lying. It was a test. The first prophet failed as many Christians do. Always go back to Jesus. Listen to true prophecy. Over time, you will realize by the Holy Spirit which is the true voice. The things they say will match what you’ve been feeling from God. They will come to pass. Make the Holy Spirit stronger in your life by weeding out earthly things and reading the Bible nonstop. This will help. Hope that’s not confusing. Sometimes it’s very confusing.

    • To Nettie and everyone who replied thank you all. There were just getting to be a lot of comments and questions, so I just felt to do a part two which came out today. Hope you will read, “Lets learn about and Know the Real Jesus for ourselves.” God bless you each one.

    • Repy to Nettie,
      PROPHECY is in the hands of GOD & HIS TIMING, NOT MANS.

      Those who prophecied Donald Trump would be back for a second term are still waiting on God & His Timing, as should you be, if you believe the Word they gave to be from GOD. Relationship with God & your perception plays a big part in it.

      Words of Jesus birth were prophecied in the old testament, yet He wasnt born until hundreds of years later.  Why are people so quick to judge? 

      Religious spirits are quick to judge, we saw it as the Pharasees always trying to find fault with Jesus & His followers.

      Maybe its the microwaves. People want it all right away & when it doesnt happen, the way they want it, they want to blame someone.

      God will judge us all. Those who carry a mantle of any of the five-fold gifts, I believe will be judged more strictly /strongly by God in the areas of their mantle. Those saying they carry those mantles, I believe will be judged even more, due to their lieing spirits that deceived others.

      God Bless you, Nettie! Keep seeking the LORD.
      Blessings, Bev

  10. John 1:32-33
    Amplified Bible
    32 John gave [further] evidence [testifying officially for the record, with validity and relevance], saying, “I have seen the [a]Spirit descending as a dove out of heaven, and He remained upon Him. 33 I did not recognize Him [as the Messiah], but He who sent me to baptize [b]in water said to me, ‘He upon whom you see the Spirit descend and remain, this One is He who baptizes with the Holy Spirit.’
    It is very interesting that John the baptizer a priest watched for a sign and did not recognize his own cousin as the messiah. Jesus and Holy Spirit are revealed together and after this baptism from Heaven God says this is my beloved Son, this shows us the necessity of this baptism for all to be able to discern and know the right voice

  11. LOVE THIS WORD. Awesome job in relaying it.  Thank you so much Beloved of the LORD.  YOU are a GEM HE’S been hiding!
    Much love, Bev

    • To Bev and everyone who replied thank you all. There were just getting to be a lot of comments and questions, so I just felt to do a part two which came out today. Hope you will read, “Lets learn about and Know the Real Jesus for ourselves.” God bless you each one.

    • The Lord God is a Jealous God, He will not share His glory with any one!! Period. Stop looking to man! Look to God and his word. Relationship with God is a seeking you must do. I am speaking to myself also. He speaks in a still small voice, But if you spend no time praying and in His word, you wont understand, or know Him.

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