Fatal Assumptions


Israel assumed that because they were cared for, because they were protected, because they prospered in daily being nourished, because they lived and experienced God’s supernatural wonders and miracles, because they were covered by the Cloud of God and the because the Pillar of Fire was there each night – that they were in fact in perfect favour with God and well pleasing in His sight.

The manna was still falling, even amidst their disobedience to His will, but the manna would not fall forever!

They did not for a moment consider that they could be completely out of His will and destitute from His Presence, and that their end would be a certain death of being separated from Him because of their disobedience.

Today millions assume that God is with them.

We assume that, because we prosper and because our churches are overflowing, we are in fact on the right path and doing what is well-pleasing to God.

We assume that, because we are “blessed” we are in fact in His will and in right standing before Him.

Because we sense God’s protection and because our businesses and private lives overflow  – we ASSUME that we are in fact walking in His ways

We assume that our great crusades please Him, because of the success we see.

We assume that He is well pleased with the religious institution we are a part of.

We assume that because everyone is doing it the way they are, that it is in fact the Way He wants us to do it …

We assume that He does not see our private sins, and that He does not care when we ignore His Spirit and His Word, because of the natural “blessings” that seem to be falling from Above …

But we forget that ASSUMPTION, could be our most dangerous foe!


~ Johann van der Hoven

Johann van der HovenJohann van der Hoven is in South Africa.  He has been serving the Lord in ministry since 1991 and has hosted numerous apostolic revival meetings in South Africa and in South America.  He also currently pioneers a organic church planting movement across South Africa.  For more information about him and his ministry visit Fellowship of Believers or Revival.

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