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Father Has Good News for You! — 6 Comments

  1. Father, I believe and receive your vindication for me . I have overcome and I will
    overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of my testimony. thank you for the message and it’s the best BD gift that I ever received .GB!!!

  2. Thank you Lord Jesus for acceptance
    I had a moment today like, “it is like something big is on the way, am I going to be acceptable”, then I thought of my dance and instantly, I was told, “Your dance was acceptable to Me” :-) And yes, Jo Ellen and Yolanda, I see a garden, in fact, I am tendering our small gardens these days; they are surrounded with stones from my hometown: marble, chrysoprasus (our kind), epidot and so. I was thinking of the Scripture about stones set up to remember the goodness of our holy Father filled with goodness, this stone for this and that stone for that. I wait for the Lord in the process, also I still write down to remember. God bless you all. Lucia Ludvigsen

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