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  1. Dear Sherry:

    Astute perception on not getting too comfortable in easy-chair Christianity. I often wonder what the Apostle Paul and the disciples [who suffered much for the sake of the gospel] thinks about the Church (in America) today? Gives me pause. Godspeed

  2. Praise God! Amen and Amen! Yes, now is definitely the time, I certainly take God’s Word and message of Truth, very serious, as well His prophesied word. I know right now, their has been a strong spirit of rebellion and defiance, against God’s drawing and calling of many hearts, but we must come to him, in whatever state we are in, with a genuinely true heart. Many are resisting God, his process and prompting change.

    I don’t mind change, especially Jesus Christ is the divine officiator, the author and Finisher of our faith. Prayer works, as I’m not only praying for myself, but for the hearts of others to desire humility in heart and spirit. I realize that God is working on the hearts, even when there is no response, but it’s definitely up to each soul and individual, to submit to God’s perfect divine will, to his call.

    I thank you for sharing this word and message, via post, it is most appreciated. The Lord said there would be a great falling away, as I believe that many who did not believe in Jesus Christ, will believe, those who’ve never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in its purest and Perfect form, without being watered down. God bless you, sister Sherry Edwards Mackey, I pray your continual strength in the Lord Jesus Christ, in the power of God’s Might, in the Holy Spirit. I bid and extend to you love, peace and blessings. I hear and receive the message, embracing. Please remain encouraged dear sister, as God continues to reveal and expose.❤️

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