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Feast on Today’s Manna! — 2 Comments

  1. Exactly this I am doing right now, Writing these words while travelling again to my homeland. This time with 20 kilo clothes, food and some money for a poor neighbour mother from 12 years ago. She is happy that I am also GIVING my TIME for her. I could have chosen the highspeed train, but I took a low budget bus. I share this, because GIVING is more blessed than taking. GOD’S Word ! And so in Proverbs is written: Those who GIVE to the needy and poor, will never have empty hands. This mom has 4 sons. Her one welcome cake which she will bring to the table, is a little hole in her budget. I will enjoy her ‘cheap’ instant coffee, for she serves it with her heart. She is married to a Muslim. She once asked if I can send a Bible. Of course I did.
    My precious sister June: Your words today hit the nail” :-)
    “You can move forward, and you can do what I have called you to do as you walk through the doors that are in front of you, using the keys that are in your possession.

    Do something with what I have invested in you, and obtain the promises that are awaiting you as you USE the keys and unlock the doors and enter in, says the LORD.

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