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Feeling Empty After Being Used by God? — 5 Comments

  1. Thank you Robert for writing this.

    I oftened wondered what I was doing wrong? God would show me something amazing… Or I could have had an amazing time in prayer and worship…and I would feel amazing during the course of it all

    But afterwards I would be so spent..so tired. Almost depressed.

    I kept wondering what I was doing wrong, to have such an amazing time of revelation and communion only to end up in a bit proverbial ditch??

    I have no one over me to explain these things.. I just thought I was a failure for not being able to maintain that sort of connection with Him continually.

    What you say makes sense.

    I need to learn to steward the time after the spiritual rush so that I am not taking two steps forward and three back Everytime I have an encounter.

    How do we learn to carry more of his presence then? Not just in spurts? Can we walk like that continually?

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