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Fighting for The Kingdom Destiny of The Nations — 15 Comments

  1. Praise God!  I stand with every word of this declaration in the name of our all powerful, almighty Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I’ve been singing Kim Clement’s “Do you want to go to the mountain of the Lord” for days!  (Since Jo Ellen Stevens posted it here) Thank you Veronica! Let’s all go there together and fight with the whole armor of God. Every piece is Christ.  So let’s put on Christ our “Hope of Glory!

  2. I didn’t realise that this was a repost and was going to comment, until I realised that I already had. I going to comment exactly the same as I already had that the only warrior that I want to see coming on a horse is the one who is Faithful and True.
    Re-reading my comment from last year, since then Nicola Sturgeon has resigned and there has been a fightback against the wicked policies they tried to introduce. Scotland is in the grip of a contest for First Minister, but more importantly a battle for it’s heart and soul too. Nicola (& the Scottish Government) overstepped the mark, with the illegal shutting of churches in lockdown. This was challenged by 27 ministers in our country. She thought she was more powerful than God. She tried to steal our God given freedom of faith. I pray that her whole ‘legacy’ will be exposed to the light and God’s word and ‘law’s will be lifted up once again.

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