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  1. Father, how beautiful is your work on us. A work of love, your true love infilling and fulfilling us to the perfection of your spirit, making us true sons of your work, making us your great family; how beautiful and honorable is that?
    Father, how beautiful is bear the fruit of your spirit. How beautiful is see the seed of that fruit, your Living Word, growing in a good soil. You send Your Living Water, and we see the faith working on that small seed, and on that small plant. We watch this miracle day after day, in expectation, just imagining how beautiful that plant will be, and about the good fruits on the harvest.
    Oh Father, it’s so beautiful grow in your vineyard, and work on that too. The workers are singing, they are full of joy to work for you in your beautiful land. It’s a honor, and a privilege be near you, be part of that.

    Father, can you, someday, hold my hand and, together, we can walk and talk on your vineyard, and you explain me all things on how to do a excellent work, and about the greatness of your vineyard? Father, not only someday, but everyday, because i need soo much to learn. I’m a small child, just learning, observing, trying to do the right things. I’m not a expert worker, but with you, i know that i will learn, and learn fast. And more, i will get passionate about this beautiful vineyard, and more than that, i will love, as if were mine (like my heritage). But i know that all is yours, and you just trust on us to do this beautiful work. But i also know that you will share a cup with us, so we may taste how sweet is the fruit of this beautiful work.

    I’m waiting on you. You have my eyes, my ears. You have my heart, my spirit, and my soul kneels down before your greatness.
    I admire you and respect you. Not by great fear, but by love, and by a profound desire to know the creator of all this beauty.

    Look to me. Stay with me. Talk to me.

    I love you Father. You are my all.

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