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Focus on Things That Matter the Most — 4 Comments

  1. Amen… glory to our God. Thank you our Savior. Thank you Dr. June. This is so true. I had heard this news from a loved one which really bothered me and I was not happy about. After a while I realized that the enemy was trying to steal my joy. I thank the Ruach for alerting me to beware and overcome in Messiahs name. Shalom dear sister.

  2. May the Lord help us to keep off tge little foxes that spoil harvest in our lives and may He forgive us from every sin that easily entangles believers. Lord have mercy on forgive and cleanse me and teach m to number my days. Bless sister june. You are indeed a blessing

  3. His words are so timely, and direct like alaser.
    There are many here who speak to my life, and to others as we are led to read, and hear.

    May He keep you and provide assistance for you, and may His angels guard us, and His Spirit direct us, as we make our plans let our feet minds and hearts be faithful and obedient to Him whose love and sacrifice gave life to us. in Christ, amen

  4. YES LORD! Thank You for this Word and I so Receive IT! Thank you Lord that we can continue to Trust You to Bless us & Keep us and to Perfect Those things that Concerns us!

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