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Focus on What is Important — 5 Comments

  1. Yes, Heavenly Father and Almighty God. Please take my hand on lead me onward to the calling and destiny ordained by You.

    Love, Jay

  2. Oh Thank You Lord! I RECEIVE THIS & My Prophet’s Reward . God knows that I am SO Ready for LIFE & LIVING NOW- Like Never Before! IT IS MY TIME! & I am SO READY TO walk out the Purpose of God for Me & for Who and What HE has So Ordained for Me, My Love Ones & ALL That’s Near and Dear to my Heart String❣️

  3. Yeahhhhhhhhh…to God be the glory. Thank You Abba Father for your wonderful words of encouragement and love. You never forget us and you see everything. Yesterday I had this misunderstanding with my daughter and felt hurt. I was tempted to wallow in self pity and the past but somehow I fought against it cause I felt that the enemy wanted me to do just that but praise God He helped me to overcome and to forgive and continue to move on. God bless you mighty woman of God. Thank you so much.

  4. LIVE LIFE with the VICTORY the Lord has given!!!  What a great and encouraging word to the body of Christ!  I think of the SEVEN churches in Revelation especially Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodecia (the word for the Last Day church).  Glory to God, I WILL walk in the promises of His Word!  Blessings June!

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