Follow Your Path in Christ Jesus


“Do not let arguments and personal confrontations keep you from focusing.

Deal with any situations and issues at hand, as they occur.  Refusal to do so could have serious repercussions later.

Do not allow distractions to veer you off your path, in times of warning.  Refuse to be engaged in conflict and confusion.

If you are living your life according to my word distractions will come.  Be sober and vigilant in this hour, watch as well as pray.

You are in a time that you will fulfill the assignments that I have given you and by doing so, you will also come against the spiritual wickedness of the day.

The battle lines have already been drawn so you must engage in a good warfare with the very words that I have spoken, instructed and prophesied concerning your life’s purpose.

Don’t forget that prayer and fellowship is your greatest asset.  For in my presence strategies, answers, ideas, and witty inventions will come.

I AM also providing a way out of no way, a way of escape from the old patterns and paths that were leading you astray and keeping you in unnecessary cycles that could sabotage your future.

For in the times of peaceful fellowship I will reveal great truths, open great revelations that will water your soul and sharpen you for the times ahead.  As you cry out to Me – know that I will answer.

As you to speak to Me, I will speak to you words of life and direction to lighten the path ahead of you that you may continue to go and grow.”


~ Phyllis Ford

Phyllis FordProphet Phyllis Ford of Phyllis Ford Ministries is called by God’s grace as a prophet to the nations; now in ministry for 27 years.  With yearly and monthly Words, she and husband Apostle Miles release the Word of the LORD via their website.  Her ministry emphasizes the Watchman call and duty in governance, as she teaches prophetic schools of ministry, intercession and deliverance workshops and tours worldwide, speaking into the lives of ministry leaders, encouraging prayer, and releasing regional strategies.
We have added Pay Pal on our website, Phyllis Ford Ministries where you will find more content and a donation page.  On our Facebook ministry page we release daily devotionals and on Youtube, audio words.  You may also follow me on Twitter @Prophet_Phyllis.  Thank You and God Bless!

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Follow Your Path in Christ Jesus — 1 Comment

  1. Thank you Lord Jesus for your divine guidance
    I want to thank you all for a time of teaching, warning, promising in the name of the Lord. It has been a highly instructive time. I was lead to your website and learned a lot, but yesterday and the night before I was in fact pressed to go out in a way very understandable, it was time. It has been in process for some time, especially in the days appointed of the Lord March 7th to 14th. I had given your website to suicidal groups and of course I am concerned about that. And yesterday the Lord spoke of that specific question so that I could make a good decision. To make that decision, the Lord had given me the words in, “A yoke breaking anointing is released” and obviously “Task on time”, thank you. I took the decision lead and confirmed by the Lord twice, later in the evening, I got the third confirmation from an unlikely lofty place. I am confident that the Lord already has a place for me some place, because I trust Him. We must be obedient and not question the ways of the Lord. I love you obviously, because I sent you lots of blessings during our time together, saying God bless you is not a mere regards words, it is saying God bless you wherever you go. Deuteronomy 28:6, “Blessed shall you be when you come in, and blessed shall you be when you go out. May God bless you all and thank you. Lucia Ludvigsen