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  1. You mentioned discernment of spirits, I was taught and trained by the Holy Spirit only to operate in this gift. The Body of Christ has no understanding of this gift, especially in the Pentecostal Ministries, with few exceptions. It is the most unpopular and rejected of all the gifts. But without discernment the Body cannot tell good from evil, especially if the antichrist shows up, they will follow everyone else and the religious people will fall in a hole praying for someone to pull them out and he comes as an angel of light ready to grab them, only to discover they were deceived and forced to bow to the antichrist and worship him or be killed. I rather have discernment above all the other gifts, because it will save your life. The Word says, my people perish for a lack of knowledge.

  2. You have mentioned the gift of discerning of spirits and the Holy Spirit taught and trained me alone in this gift and I cast out demons in the name of Jesus, but one thing I noticed; that the body of Christ has no interest in this gift, especially in the Pentecostal moment. It is the most unpopular gift and most rejected with very few churches receiving this gift.  But without discernment, they will not be able to discern good from evil and the antichrist when he comes. All the religious people will follow every wrong teaching and false prophetic word and they will fall in a hole, ready for some evil enemy disguised as an Angel of light to deceive them and pull them out; only to discover they were deceived and the antichrist will capture them and force them to bow before him or be killed.

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