Forgiving Your Parents — 4 Comments

  1. This message is definitely for me. I can remember growing up in a God fearing household, in which I had love for both parents, a loving mother who was humble, meek and compassionate to all. But my father had love for God, but was controlling, had insecurities, in which he demanded I greeting when he came home from work everyday, in which I had to meet him outside as he pulled into the driveway. He received more chastisements on the rear end then I can count, for some things I didn’t do or commit.
    Actually for quite some time I was afraid of my father in which everything that he did concerning me, whether it was verbal abuse or close to being physically abused, I was confused in the beginning as to why he treated me like he did, then confusion turned into somewhat resentment, which turned into fierce anger. This changed my life as I begin to get older, embracing so called love from the streets, it made act out, channeling that anger into street battles, willing to handle business by all means necessary if I felt it was called for.
    I still had love for the Lord, but couldn’t understand why God who I love dearly allowed me to experience the deep hurts that I went through, as child, in the church and on the streets, up until now experiencing pain that would have driven most people insane, depressed, suicidal or hateful. I could go on, but I will say this message helped me more than you know to begin the rest of the healing process within myself and life.

  2. Omg, just wanted to cry.This is definitely for me.  Thank you so much brother.

  3. I really think this could be simply titled forgiveness as it can apply to many different of relationships. Thanks for the article.