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Fortified Reinforcements for a Kairos Time — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you Sandi for this powerful word. i so much needed to read this today.
    The journey is tough but thank GOD for his timely word.  Grace to you.
    “You must lift your head up out of all bondages of the past for you are on the brink of new spiritual discovery of the power of TRUTH as you have never even imagined and you shall be brought to spiritual understanding needed for this moment of time.

    For it is the NOW time to rise above all traditions of men and works of the flesh and open your mind and heart to everything NEW,” says The LORD.

    “Know that I AM appearing to you today to bring you to a crossing over into that will has not yet been revealed, but will be a Heavenly Revelation designed to carry you past the mundane — into The Supernatural!” says The LORD.

    • Bless you, Julie for your perseverance. I am joyful that His word was an on-time word for you. He is an on-time God and will perform His word in His time. My sincere thanks for your input, Sandi Holman

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