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  1. We must use caution…some false signs and wonders are coming, and many so called prophets have sold out.  I have seen the freemasonic gesturing and symbolism many “prophets” use.  Jesus’s miracles always had purpose…multiplying food for the hungry, healing the sick, raising the dead.  The Kundalini Spirit is rampant where false signs are occurring…a counterfeit of the true Holy Spirit and His gifts.  Please pray for confirmation…

    • Thanks for opening our eyes to the truth once More. God will increase you in wisdom & Divine Anointing. DEAREST, this is end time & we really need to apply caution not to be deceived by these evil agents of darkness who parade themselves as prophets of God. May God strike them with blindness as he used Apst Paul to do to the fake prophet in the book of Acts. God bless you

  2. Thanks for sharing DEAREST woman of God. I had a dream last month(April) & was told NEW STRENGTH/POWER. I believe the Lord was referring to your prophetic word of today as clarification.  This is a confirmation. I have started praying & asking the Lord for this New strength/power & also preparing for Pentecost since April,2021 following the dream. More anointing.

  3. Father God, I pray you connect us divinely with Holy Spirit filled people and keep us always surrounded by your Holy Spirit and covered by your blood

  4. Praise the Lord! Amen! This post certainly stood out to me and reached my ❤️ heart. I’ve always desired to completely and fully please God in my walk with Jesus Christ, his Will for my life. After reading this post, I am guilty of being one of God’s called and chosen without question, whose oil began to dry, because of being hurt, angry, misunderstood, deep pain from past situations.

    I am in total agreement, believing, embracing the Word of the Lord, that in this season we do need to be surrounded around other Holy Spirit believers. I pray that God will surround other Holy Spirit filled believers, whose fire is burning heavily through the Spirit of God. I believe that we are entering a season where Jesus will show himself through those with fresh oil, those on fire for Jesus, as he performs miraculously, divine miracles, healing, deliverance, divine and mighty acts in which many in this world have not witnessed with their physical eyes, but have read about the miracles in the scriptures of God’s Divine and Infallible Word.

    God bless you, thank you for sharing.
    It has definitely captured my heart and attention.️

  5. May we all bring others to Christ, that His body may be full and no part missing. Father, draw them, and help us to do as You would have us to. in Christ, amen

      • As you desire in your heart to serve God, let it be done to you according to your faith. I pray the Holy spirit capture your heart & the precious blood of Jesus to cleanse & set you apart for the Master’s use it in Jesus name.
        Please, position yourself in this season as we observe the feast of Pentecost & the Holy spirit will visit you & other brethren who genuinely key in by faith. Thanks

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