From Comfort Zone to Faith Zone


Time to declare:  I am coming out of my comfort zone and into my faith zone, things are shifting and changing!

I believe that for too long now, many have been looking at problems that seem far bigger than they are – they appear as mountains standing before them.  Many feel overwhelmed, overstretched and outnumbered.

Time to refocus!

When we focus on the problems, God looks small.  But when you focus on God, the problem looks small.

The truth is, our problems are but a speck of dust.  Some are illusions of darkness that are designed to paralyse your faith and distinguish your joy and expectation.

I see Father leading many of you into the “faith zone” here, you will stand steadfast and unshakable facing every situation in the light of his glory and power.  Here in this place you will see that the mountains before you are not bigger than you are.

As you begin to declare; “This is a faith zone”, you will see a mighty demonstration of his love, power and deliverance working on your behalf.  There will be a tangible change in your circumstances, the spirit of fear will have no place to occupy.

I Decree over you, that your faith zone will now become your safe zone in Jesus’ mighty name.

Get ready, for this is indeed a year of supernatural relocation and repositioning!

I see in this hour; some of you will be physically shifted.

Some of you will be financially shifted.

Some of you will be relationally shifted.

Some of you will be shifted in body, mind and spirit.  Health situations are going to experience sudden and radical change.

I prophesy:  Divine reversals and restoration!

Some of you will be positionally shifted.

God is moving you into a place of prominence and fulfilled promise.

Some of you will be generationally shifted.  God is breaking many free from generational curses and generational soul ties.

Some of you will be spiritually shifted.

Expect a new level of divine revelation and release as you advance.

Note:  If some of you can relate to one or more of these areas, begin now to receive that shift and relocation and as you declare that you are now living in the “Faith zone” you will begin to see and experience the manifestation of that shift over your life.

I see mountains moving in Jesus’ name.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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From Comfort Zone to Faith Zone — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you Lord Jesus for being my Lord, and thank you for your apostles, prophets, teachers… Yes, I jumped out of the safe zone into the faith zone wednesday, it took me several hours, but I am in fact more safe now, you are right you do not know until you get there :-D God bless you and the children of Israel. Lucia Ludvigsen

  2. Glory be to God i am from Uganda i am so blessed to find such an interesting lesson, Thank you Jesus because i see now things are changing into the Ministry i save in and the organization i am, i am in Faith zone from comfort zone in Jesus Name. God bless you Veronika West i need your personal email for further interaction.

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