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  1. Stephen, this is very encouraging & on the mark. Glad it was reposted. Some things you said here hit home w me.

    One time years ago, I prayed about the severe trials in every direction I was going through. Even into many physical ailments, that just seem to go on & on & on!

    (I know of speaking faith, and declarations of being healed. I plan to keep believing for my healings, just let me say.)

    Still, it was like praying, have I did something to open the door Lord?

    I never forgot the Lords answer to me, my bro. He spoke he was allowing me to go through the sufferings like Job.

    Still look at the end of Job, how God turned his captivity when he prayed for his friends.

    Twice as much, for all his trouble was he repayed. He had seven sons & 3 daughters more at the end. Still it was truly doubled as the first he lost, were all with the Lord in heaven.

    God bless you.

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