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Garments of Blue! — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks Deborah. Your prophecies are very credible. Light blue is my favorite color. A couple times I saw it in a vision and received it as a ‘signature of God’.

  2. “When He cometh, when He cometh
    To take up his jewels
    All his jewels, precious jewels
    His Loved and His own.” Praise the Lord.
    Thank you for sharing your heavenly beverage. Deborah.♡ I feel fullness in my soul. You are one of God’s precious jewels.

  3. I desperately needed this encouragement and confirmation today Deborah.
    I’m a house painter, I work alone and only through word of mouth at the guidance of His Spirit. Recently I had a couple weeks off and finally decided it was time to paint my own house, the color I ended up deciding on is called ‘Pure White’!!!
    I feel like I’m being ripped apart in the night hours, and often during the day.
    The Lord spoke to me this morning and said, “Before you know it they’ll be gone.”
    This beautiful word has gone straight into my spirit, thank you!!

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