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  1. This brings back a dream I had a few years ago of a donkey who was in a stable with wild and beautiful horses. The donkey was very bullied by them. They would continually harass and bite at the face of the little donkey, and He stood alone in the stable.
    This beast of burden carried our Lord’s Mother into Bethlehem, he carried our Lord into Jerusalem, and he rebuked the false Prophet who was beating him…..the Lord uses the meek to confound the wise and the weak to shame the strong.
    As one of His battleworn weary warriors I thank you for sharing Veronika, the timing is perfect as always. :)
    God bless you beautiful lady.

  2. Maybe out of topic, but the translation of Enhakkore caught my very attention. Last Saturday I travelled by train and there was a 3 or 4 year old boy with his mother, who over and over spoke these words for all to hear: “Abba enagu”. We know, from the mouth of the infants….Psalm 2… I was quietly searching in translation app Hebrew, what this could mean. I found: GOD HAS ARRANGED. Okay, no matter what the boy said, it was his inner voice and GOD’s voice unisono. Now you share a very special word today, very very similar to what the boy said. And now it fits in. He surely was/is an answer of prayer, a progeny blessing, a fulfilled promise. May the young generation have all the freedom to live and to speak according GOD’s WILL, no matter what the enemies and adversaries of all godly plan want to force upon them.

  3. Dopo tanti anni di feroce battaglia, provo tanta stanchezza e desiderio di arrendermi. Perciò ringrazio per queste potenti parole che prendono vita nel mio spirito.
    Grazie a tutti I fratelli e le sorelle in Cristo che condividono i loro messaggi unti su HKP portando, ogni giorno, refrigerio nel deserto, conforto nello scoraggiamento, luce nelle tenebre.
    Dio ci benedica e solo a Lui sia tutta la gloria!
    Grazie a tutti!!!

    [ HKP : Google Translate : “After so many years of fierce battle, I feel so much tiredness and desire to give up. So I give thanks for these powerful words that come to life in my spirit.
    Thank you to all the brothers and sisters in Christ who share their anointed messages about HKP bringing, every day, refreshment in the wilderness, comfort in discouragement, light in darkness.
    God bless us and to Him alone be all the glory!
    Thank you all!!!” ]

    • Wow! My son had an issue with his jaw in high school
      And had to go through surgery and a widening of the arch of his mouth. His teeth were wired shut for weeks.
      And he has a strong apostolic call on his life, even though he’s not walking with the LORD right now.
      This gave me a whole new perspective.
      No, I did know that the enemy wanted to shut him up!

    • Yes Im blown away by this prophecy..so fitting right now. bc My daughter has had her left jawbone removed because of a tumor.
      She’s in the hospital right now. she has no left side jawbone, from the hinge to her chin. They’re trying to decide whether to giv her a Titanium jawbone or fashion a jawbone from her own rib bone.
      If you wouldnt mind will you Please reply with anything you’d like to share in regards to your own story, surgery procedure or final outcome.

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