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  1. With all due respect, for the sake of Scriptual accuracy, I feel compelled to make a correction to your sentence below;( I believe it’s significant)

    “When all the people saw it they fell on their faces and declared, ‘The LORD (Elohiym) He is God’”.
    “The LORD” is not the word Elohiym,H430, but YHVH,H3068. The sentence reads “YHVH is Elohiym”, i.e. YHVH is The God of Gods(plural of majesty). ‘Elohiym” is used exclusively for “God” in Genesis, chapters 1-9. The combination of YHVH (Covenant) ELOHIYM (Creation) is introduced in Genesis chapters 2-3. What was said by the apostate Israelites, in 1 Kings 18, carrys great importance then and today.

    Forgive me if you already knew this and above was a typo error.

    In Jesus’ Love

  2. The Lord showed me a dream last year in February,,I walked up next to all these people men and woman and stood beside them there were at least 20 of us and standing on a slanted hill that looked over to over 2 thousand bulls looked as if more than that, with a cattle train truck waiting to haul them in but was only one truck behind them all,and as I looked at people beside me on my right and looked back on the gathered bulls different sizes small to big , they then began stomping and crushing in each other but was biggest to smallest in size crushing and stamping out each other to death till only the biggest of bulls were left and they were tired and out of energy to kill another and those bulls then walked into the cattle truck and was enough bulls to fill it in. Praise God

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