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Get Ready for Crash Courses From The Spirit! — 4 Comments

  1. So crazy!! I was just introduced to a movie the other day called Hidden Figures. It’s about 3 very intelligent black women working for Nassa in 1961, and it’s all about math!!
    And the name hidden figures…WOW!!! Doesn’t that alone speak volumes?!!!

  2. AMÉN…! and Yes..!, as The Chosen Ones are the Truly Beneficiaries, for The Weld HIGH fresh Assignment’s to Serve in ♥♥♥HIS KINGDOM THRONE GOVERNANCE IN HEAVEN♥♥♥.
    Such Selected GRACE from Above, demands ***PURE*** to Self large Infinite extreme OBEDIENCE within Your Self WALKING’S..! AMÉN..!

  3. I’m believe and receive.and prayes for other to understand the simple-minded who our father on throne gives wisdom and knowledge of His Salvation and coming.

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