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Get Rid of That Bipolar-Schizoaffective Disorder! — 4 Comments

  1. My son has been suffering from the effects of the diagnosis of bipolar and schizophrenic a d h d most of his life. He has recently giving me Revelation to the fact that bipolar and schizophrenia are spirits they are demonic diagnosis put on people by doctors bipolar is just spirits of fear bondage of fear spirits of hallucination delusions appearing real but are not I was delivered from the spirit of fear and torment 45 years ago I praise God that he’s opening my eyes to Revelation on how to teach others the word of God that brings deliver it to them and their loved ones praise God for this article written by this godly woman got is opening his door and the mental illness that Satan has brought upon this country is going to leave God’s children are not going to stand for it anymore

  2. Please pray for my 29 year old daughter’s deliverance from schizoaffective disorder. Ashley is a lovely young women that is suffering tremendously.  We believe it’s demonic can we pray for deliverance for her daily.

    Thank you and God Bless you

  3. Wow…im lost at words on what to say. This is by far the most amazing act of the lord working through another to write such truth and heartfelt words on this matter. Ive spent 15 years trying to understand my mother who is diagnosed with this disorder. Finally the understanding I been searching for. Amen!

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