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Giants Have Appeared in the Land — 5 Comments

  1. “…more than conquerors.” Perhaps a victory without losses or minimal losses. When God fights for us. It is amazing that one of the greatest victories of the allies was the battle of Megiddo.

    “Throughout the summer months, in what was considered ‘the hardest service in the war’, the vital bridgeheads in the Jordan Valley were held by Anzac mounted troops. During the summer of 1918 Allenby’s forces were built back up to full strength. Following months of reorganisation, training of new troops and formations, and the building up of supplies and ammunition, the cavalry was secretly moved to the coastal plain leaving the Anzac Mounted Division in the Jordan Valley. During the spring of 1918, a series of expeditions into the Jordan Valley had convinced the Turkish High Command that Allenby’s next offensive would be launched across the Jordan River. The plan worked perfectly in what was to be considered one of the best planned and executed battles of the First World War.”

    The final campaign, which would be officially known as the Battle of Megiddo, was launched at dawn on 19 September.”

  2. I have been diagnosed as having atypical facial pain. I am the weakest of the weakest. However, Father gives me a shotgun in the spirit. The giants don’t stand a chance. My armour is the mantle of humility. There will be no diagnosis. Jesus is the champion of Champions

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