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  1. Now, my students also experience visions, trance visions, and healing fire. God increased those for intimacy with Him, individual spiritual development, and near future.  God sometimes gives students a prophetic trance vision to help our country in the right way. I specialize in healing lungs and cleasing blood contamination. But I share this only when God permits. Even though I am still fighting with various kinds of invisible or visible demonic energies right now, God is helping me defeat those. God gave me a strong sword, a powerful right fist, and a husky voice to break the evil things down. In a word, my body is His strategic weapon. I believe we have to live righteous lives and obey His rhemas to stay powerful. Due to so many social isolation by enemies, I am at risk financially, but I am in His absolute peace. Since last year, I have prayed for breaking the curses of all generations, all nations, and the universe. I believe God will make a way for me, and He just left the last chapter of my life behind for His glory. Thank you for reading my testimony. ♡ 2

    • Dear Hae Won Hong, thank you for your wonderful testimony. Thank you too for the encouragement it brings to others like me. My wife and I will pray for you and your ministry.
      God bless you

      • Really thanks Chris. I really needed prayer. I would like to leave the process and the epilogue of a story mentioned before. God pushed me to fight with demonic spirits related to pentagram, pyramid and check pattern with prayer from February of 2023. He made my soul pass through all the symbols in the Space one by one in my trance vision. After that, my husband and I went through various kinds of attacks spiritually, physically, and socially. The opposite side showed themselves and started to threaten us directly. Even my soul was hijacked into the top of the second heaven by Satan and his worshippers last May. It was done by a gigantic energy artificially and mechanically, and I was captivated by the irresistible energy for over 1 month. It was kind of a huge sexual energy of Baal and Ashtoreth. They used a high-tech to read my mind and spread it like real. I was almost in the valley of death. 1

      • Fortuately, after 1 month, God visited me with His powerful fire and consumed about two-thirds of the evil energy. Since then, God has helped me increase His fire from the third heaven through different sources including this site. Also, I got so many spiritual helps from servants in America via YouTube channels.  Last June The Holy Spirit told me that the last-day signal was fired. I want you to pray for a man who lives next door. I suppose that he is related to this whole process. He may be a high priest of Baal, but he can be a Samaritan. He is half demon-possessed and half mental disorder now, I guess. Pray for his salvation.  I will pray for your ministry. Glory to God.2

  2. Dear Chris, Thank you for giving us a chance to share our own experiences. Let me tell you something about my case. God led me to start a small business related to education in the late 2009. God showed me the exact location where I would launch His task through a prophetic trance vision. I flew there with angels. After God trained me there, he relocated me through a series of trance visions in the late 2012. It is located in Central Plaza 1109 in Seoul. The Holy Spirit ordered me to name the business “Builders for High Callings” in English. I just followed Him according to what He showed and told me. That is, only his rhemas led me, and I did not move without His permission for over 13 years. God required my husband and me to pray, worship,and intercede almost every night. Actually, we couldn’t pray every day because it was so demanding physically and spiritually. Our bodies are open, so we can feel different kinds of spiritual entities, which include energy, vibration, and frequency from the 2nd heaven. We went through so much physical pain and distress in the process. I think nobody can imagine the size of the pain that we have gone through. Only God knows. In return, God increased His fire and restoration power in our workplace and me. They are from the third heaven, which is totally different, you know. Instead of seeing the glory of God, we, including students, feel the fire and living water from the third heaven. 1

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