Go and bring in My harvest!


Word of the Lord to My Faithful Remnant Warrior Bride!

You have answered the Call to come higher and chosen Me over the accolades of man.  Neither have you bowed your knee to Baal or Mammon.  You have not compromised the truth to suit the political climate of the Hour.

You have remained faithful to Me and you truly seek Me first and My righteousness in all that you say and do.

You have cried out to Me in your weakness and I the Lord your God, am strengthening you with all of My glorious might and power.

You have allowed Me to hide you in the cleft of the rock till this appointed hour .  You are My willing vessels in this day of My Power.

You have fully embraced My Fire, My Glory, My Love, My Wisdom, My Goodness and My Severity.

You Know Me as the all consuming Fire.  I AM your only desire your all and all.  You have denied your selves and taken up your cross and followed Me fully even though it has caused you to be rejected and despised of men.  They have cast your name off as evil and done everything they could, to destroy you, and stop you, but I have brought all their plans to naught the pressure and the persecution and the rejection has only caused you to come forth as gold, tried in the fire and my diving nature, to be fully formed in you.

I have seen your suffering and your pain.  Your tears I have placed in a bottle to pour out with the prayers of the saints of all history.

I the Lord your God want to thank you for waiting on and ministering to me and fellow shipping with me in My sufferings and drinking the cup all of it.

This is your Hour to be all that I have called you to be My heart.  My hands, My voice and yes, even My rod of correction at times.

Be My salt, My preserving agents in the Earth.  I AM the Everlasting Father and I long for heaven to be full and hell empty and I long for My wayward Children to come home to Me.

Go and bring in My harvest and comfort My heart with a great Harvest of souls  I Love you.  Jehovah.


Kevin Nugent

Kevin NugentKevin Nugent



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