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  1. Praise the Lord God, our heavenly Father in Jesus Christ! Amen!God bless you, dear Gabrielle! I thank the Lord Jesus Christ, for how he uniquely blessed his people with unique and impacting priceless gifts from above, for the building of the Kingdom of God. I’m a late bloomer with beginning to discover the gifts in which Jesus Christ has instilled within me, according to my eyes, but I know to God – it is right on time, looking through the divine eyes of the Holy Spirit.

    I can always humbly learn from others in the Body of Jesus Christ, as I’m blessed by these beautiful and amazingly heartfelt poems, spoken through word, inspired greatly by the Holy Spirit, causing them to come forth, from the depths of the heart and soul, I sincerely believe that. This is what makes the Body of Jesus Christ unique, that every position or part of the Body, had an important and vital role to fulfill in/through Jesus Christ, in which He can only cause to operate perfectly, through Himself, being the Chief Cornerstone, Divine Commander – we are asked to obey and follow in faith, as He brings it pass faithfully to bring Glory to our heavenly Father God through Himself, I give him all of the Praise and Glory! God bless you and I’m praying that the Lord Jesus Christ continues to open up the consistent flow of divine inspired words via poem or song, to richly bless the hearts of all souls, all for the Glory of God! I bid you peace, love and blessings!❤️

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