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  1. It should be incredibly obvious that our God, who is Holy is against any kind of damage to innocent children, or adults for that matter!! 30 or 40 years ago if someone found out that someone hurt children in this way, even in prison they were greatly hated and some even killed. That’s the problem anyone who hurts children in such a way should be killed. The problem is this is being done among those in the highest places of authority! It’s shocking to the core!!! We as the church must cry out for These little ones. We must seek God on what to do! At the very least pray and give to the organizations helping these children.

  2. So sad。
    It is very sad to hear this message. May God come quickly to save these children.

    God is Against Pedophilia . Yes AMEN. HALLELUJAH

  3. I agree with EVERYTHING you said. I am amazed at the apathy,indifference and unbelief on the part of MOST believers I speak with about the subject. Back in the early 90’s I read an article in Reader’s Digest (which at that time was a good, reliable publication) about child trafficking overseas. I’ve always been a child advocate but this was new information and it broke my heart. Somehow “out of the blue” the knowledge that our then current president was somehow involved in this evil activity, was deposited in my mind and heart. (it must have been God because the information was EXACTLY CORRECT!). I supported christian rescue operations, etc.. and ministries targeted to children. The plight of children everywhere stayed on my mind and heart night and day, EVERYDAY, SINCE THAT TIME.  I am shocked by the general lack of Christian response to this wicked activity. Not many seem to be aroused to action or protest. Recently suvivors of this horrible nightmare have made their stories public. I believe this nation and others will be judged for allowing this activity to flourish.  God bless you.

  4. Dear Sister in Christ,

    You have posted the true gravity of the horror of the abuse to children. Since I learned of this grotesque cruelty to children several yrs back, myself and a group of others have been crying out to God, praying, writing legislators non-stop. Wondering WHEN LORD will you rescue, avenge, these helpless ones.

    How dark a heart must be to ignore the cries of these children….those who do such thing to them, those who buy n’ sell them, those whose money and influence covers it up. The Lord more than once showed me their end will be eternally tragic – for they willfully ignored their conscience (it is seared), and ‘did not repent of their deeds’.

    Within the next few years, millions will lose their lives (by the hand of God through the death angels sword) and be in hell. I know some will object to the weight of these words – but so be it. It’s gospel. Justice without fair weights is not justice at all – and God’s balances are always perfect – He sees it all.

    True justice carries mercy yes, yet justice demands accountability and consequences. Jesus suffered the most torturous death in humanity (Gods ultimate justice against sin) to redeem (mercy) all of us. And I have prayed daily & weekly they woukd repent, and the fear of the Lord would come to them, lest THEY be lost forever. It was/is their choice.

  5. Syreeta, I have a sickening in my spirit over children being stolen or sold as sex slaves.  I cry out to the Father to find a person or persons who can rescue them.  The tears of the children can be felt in my spirit.  Thank you so much for sharing this dream and the word from our Father in heaven.  JRW

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