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God Has a Pathway Our of Your Pain — 12 Comments

  1. Thanks Mother Laura, as I always say. I add my voice to the many comments, but in a special way I appreciate you as a Spiritual Mother that Opens ones Eyes to Spiritual THRUTH. May the Good Lord Always Bless….

    • Blessings, Lindy! It is the King that leads us out of the gate. Micah 2:13. May the Lord guide you deeper into Him where He can heal your soul! You are more than an overcomer in Christ!

    • Bless you, Adams! Hold on to the Lord and He will lead you beside still waters. He restores our soul as we rest in His presence!

  2. Praise God! Amen! God bless you, Sister Laura Gagnon!I can certainly be honest, that I do hold onto past hurt and pain, which I believe God wants all of the pain, the challenges, oppositions in my life, those deep wounds that are extremely sensitive. I do have trust issues and hold self-condemnation against myself at times, which stagnates my growth in the Lord.

    I receive this Word and message today.
    I will go into the presence of the Lord , trusting Him with the most sensitive wounds, that have already pained me deeply, to allow Jesus to begin the removal of those most sensitive areas in my life. I thank you, for sharing. Many may know this message applies to them, but it truly takes honesty, trust and humility to admit being guilty of any charge l, to accept the fact, even when the adversary attempts to make you feel low, embarrassed with trying to remain in denial. God bless you, Sister Laura! I extend much love, respect and blessings!

    • Bless you, Norman! My husband’s name is Norm. Our little joke between us is “Norm’s not normal; he’s exceptional!” And so are you, friend. You never have to worry about being transparent with the Lord. He is so gentle, kind and understanding. May you experience the depths of His love and assurance that heals your aching soul. Ask Him for a new perspective! You might enjoy my new book, “The Book Satan Doesn’t Want You to Read.” It contains counsel how to facilitate a healing session with the Holy Spirit. So, so good. I’ve been using the book in a ladies bible study and God is doing a lot of healing from the material in the book!

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