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God is Going to Fill You With More of Him — 6 Comments

  1. Good morning, I listen to watchman on the wall on YouTube and as I was listening to your word “God is going to fill you with more of Him” I heard something that raised a huge red flag for me. I went to your word… here and that line was not in your word.

    In seconds 36-47 … the transcript says… harken unto me my people and give ear unto me my nations for Allah shall proceed from me and I will make my judgement to rest for a light of the people. I looked up your prophetic word and this line is not in it.

    • I think he might have been saying for a law shall… not for Allah shall… I looked the verse in other translations. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

    • Jesus is the Alpha and Omega.

      He has the last word.
      He paid and made up for your fault.
      He is the resurrection.

      I AM the God of all flesh, is anything too difficult for me?

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