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God Is Opening You Up to Hear! — 7 Comments

  1. Thank you for your prophetic words. They touch my heart and soul.
    I am french and I would like to understand the word “shunt”. I couldn’t find a translation for it. Could you explain me what it means ???
    Thank you ! God bless you.

    • I believe the word “shunts” was suppose to be “stents”… which actually opens up blocked, clogged areas to allow blood flow in the natural. So spiritually speaking it would open things up and allow a flow rather that going around and bypassing the very areas that are causing a blockage. This word is so on target for what the Lord has been speaking to me! No more going around… but instead it’s time for blockages to be removed. He’s making a way through!

  2. Abba, I thank you for all that you have done and is about to do.  I received your divine surgery. I love you Father.

  3. Lord here I am for your Divine surgery so as to be open for your flow of spirit. Lord help me not to miss your hour of visitation/tone in the next 5 days. Thank you Sir for the prophetic words. May God visit you & your ministry in a very distinguished way.

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