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God Is Preparing Servants in South Africa — 7 Comments

  1. Omg, going on my home screen. Woohoo!! I love you Abba Father. Thanks a lot Brother. You are speaking right to me. Love it.

  2. Johann i know exactly what you say in this prophetic message. I am one of the few in the world that this prophetic message is needed to be delivered to as we are nearing our time to be released into this special calling. My life story is evidence of what you wrote and my spirit and heart is in alignment of this calling. Only God knows the price that we paid. Holy spirit lead and guide us till the very end…..i am from Centurion South Africa.

  3. Thanks for this timely message, feel it’s for me since I don’t fit in group as religion, God is one and I believe we have to be led and guided by the Holy Spirit not humanly programs and Constitutions, men have forwarded their own personal agendas and hierarchies instead of going back to the foot of the cross. I pray God opens each and everyone’s spiritual eyes and ears.

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