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God Is Totally Against Any Form of Slavery! — 1 Comment

  1. There may be one type of slavery that God condones.  Great harm was done to me by a wicked man.  I asked Jesus to not let him get away with it, but also, I asked God to save him, not let him go to hell.  My friend, who had introduced him to me, thinking him to be of good reputation had a dream or vision from the Lord that the man would be her personal slave for some period of time and she saw him doing work for her, chauffeuring her around and generally waiting on her. She said Jesus specifically used the term “personal slave”.  He apparently was told he better do it right because she saw he was very anxious and sweating; fearful of not doing a good job.  Fear…fear of God.  This is something the man had none of before.  Slavery as a form of judgment from the Almighty.  I’m all for it.

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