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God says, “I Heard You the First Time” — 5 Comments

  1. Thanks for the message. 
    My testimony: I was driving my mom to a doctor’s appointment.  Country road, two lanes.  Cars were riding my bumper and passing me with on-coming traffic.  There was no conversation between my mom and me.  I was silently calling out to JESUS repeatedly.  Then I heard the Holy Spirit say, “HE Heard you the first time”.  I began to laugh.  My mom turned and ask what I was laughing at.  I told her about repeatedly calling on the LORD because of the traffic.  She said “that’s a good thing, what’s funny.  I told her the Holy Spirit yelled at me.  She ask, what did he say?”  HE said, HE heard you the first time!!!  Then we both started to laugh.

  2. The Holy Spirit Led me to this! Much needed, May the Lord bless you and May he keep you, May he cause his light to shine upon your face. May he give you peace!

  3. Beautiful Words from the Father. Thank you precious one for sharing, God Blessings on you. Always an Honor to me to hear him speak through you. I receive it. Amen

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