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God says, Wisdom is the Principle thing, Get Wisdom! — 1 Comment

  1. Dear Geraldine, I want to thank you for this prophecy you have given, as it relates directly to a dream I received last night from the Lord.

    My name is Rickus Kruger and come from Johannesburg, South Africa. I dreamt that I had to feed a dog, and had to get dog food from the shop. I ate some of the food, which was really disgusting (tasted like vomit). Sorry for that gross image. Anyway, after a while I found myseld in a grave with my body full of blood and stripes. I managed to stand up, and was finally dressed in white. I came upon a countryhouse, and I saw the owner wanting to stab me. He had black hair and a blue shirt. When he realized who I was he apologized and welcomed me in. The next day I walked through a a harvest field filled with yellow wheat ready for harvest.

    Everything you said basically helped me interpret my dream, so I thank you. I was like a dog returning to its vomit (folly) and needed to repent and return to wisdom.

    Thank you and God bless
    Rickus Kruger

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