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God Showed Me 18 Places in the Nation of America! — 19 Comments

  1. A moment ago, I re-read the vision for Ohio. I had forgotten that the serpent mound is here in Ohio. I remember being fascinated by the story of it in history class. Archeology dogs have discovered that it was not a burial place. No one in this day and age knows why it was made. Wow, Veronika.

  2. I saw Florida in a vision in 2012, Polk county sit in the center of a cross with the foot being the upper part of Florida, I saw fire explode in Polk county and spread to the rest the US. A lot of ministers have moved here from other states since then. This is confirmation.

  3. This a very powerful prophesy from Mrs West i have not heard of her until now. May God bless her with his truth in Jesus name

  4. Thank you. I live in central Florida and I have felt a very dark and oppressive feeling from this area. I have struggled daily and nightly with thoughts of hopelessness and there are strange sounds at night where I have suddenly heard all animals in the area go crazy, coyotes and dogs barking, owl hooting and so many roosters crowing out over and over and over. The 1st time I heard it it made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. I have since heard this another 5 times. There are strange lights and things happening from the skys that I can’t explain. I have been told that there is a lot of corruption in the area and this area is also heavily sprayed with chemicals from the sky and from the streets. Last
    night they sprayed so heavily that I was covered in some type of sparkly substance all over my arms and face when I came back from shopping. I know, it sounds crazy, and it’s not something I generally would share but this is what I have experienced. Physically, it has been taking a toll living here and most days I feel very helpless and have little energy. I worry for my daughter and grandson who also live in the area. Our pets, on the worst days hide under the table I. the house and rarely come out. Thank you for providing some hope for the future. I know He wins, I do not doubt this but I have been filled with trepidation here over this feeling of darkness that seems to be so frequent lately. Thank you for sharing this vision of our state. It helps tremendously.

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