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God Throws America a Lifeline! — 5 Comments

  1. Come Lord Jesus, come!
    Thank you Veronika for your faithfulness and obedience to Him. You are truly a blessing and the Word of the Lord through you has lightened the darkness that seems to surround me in this time.

  2. Thank you Veronika for your obedience to The Lord. So grateful for Him speaking thru you. I am in total agreement with You Lord over Your words spoken. I humbly repent and on behalf of us Americans and praise You for mercy. May Your will be done over America and go forth over the Nations in Jesus name. I live in Northern California and believing for the recall of Newsom to pass in Jesus name.

  3. God bless you foryour faithfulness in prayer and sharing prophecy. I’m so ready for God to bring healing and restoration but mostly revival and a great putting out of His Spirit.❤

  4. Thank you Veronika for this beautiful news to focus on and look forward too. Praise to our Father for his mercy and patience, Amen

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