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God Will Have His Way — Suddenly! — 7 Comments

  1. Thank you for writing the article again !! What a hard work, so full of powerful Words of GOD ! Last week I looked up while walking and suddenly saw Him in the clouds, a huge face of a lion.

  2. To some this suddenly will be like a car accident how did this happen I did not even see anything when I turned that corner. To others who have been not paying attention to what the Spirit is saying will suddenly pause at the corner and avoid being in the accident but are stuck waiting for things to clear. And to those who have been looking at the word of the Lord and preparing even though they do not see and understand every detail when suddenly God steps out and even though like Moses they will be aghast when God’s awesome power is on full display for all to see they will rejoice because they know that the change that is needed is here, and even though none of us understand how something so big involving every part of society and the world can be fixed it happens just like God said!

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