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  1. Also, Arlen the church consists of all the spiritual reborn but the bride of Christ are those who are sincere and have pure devotion to Christ like Mary was vs Martha. Matthew 1:18 ️ Angela

  2. Hi Arlen, sorry for the late response and both questions are excellent.  Until this season of my life, I did not understand so much of what I perceived as my spirit was awakened as a small child. I believe men and woman can walk in the spirit but the men in my life have difficulty letting their spirit rise. Meaning, their minds, will and soul are driving so their spirit tends to be in the back seat. AND yes you are correct we are all the considered the bride. I shall pray that you will be given many dreams and visions for your appointment with Christ.  God bless you Arlen. Angela

  3. Thank you. I’ve heard Yvon Attila tell her story about this too. I have a question. Do you know of any man who has had such an experience with the Lord? (Frankly, my response is that I would tend to hope not.)

    Also, one may wish to note that when the bride of Christ is mentioned, also similar allusions, it is about the collective, not the individual (Ephesians 5, Hosea…) correct?

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