God’s New Kingship Anointing!


In the early hours of this morning I saw a “Deep purple mist” descending upon the earth.

Then I heard these words, “A kingship anointing is now being released upon the nations.

Watch!  For My royal reformers are now rising in greater Kingdom power and authority to overthrow the kingdom of darkness.

Watch!  For My Glory is now invading, inhabiting and transforming the earthly realm!”

After seeing this incredible vision, I was reminded of a powerful Word God gave me around this same time last year.

I believe that many are now beginning to see and experience this greater manifestation of His Glory and Power upon the earth..!

A blanket of glory and promise is falling upon God’s people in this hour!


A Heavenly Blanket of Glory and Promise!

While worshipping this morning, suddenly I saw, what looked like a large shimmering multi-coloured blanket, coming out of the heavens.

As I looked again, I saw that it was a large cloud of His Glory and Presence which carried the Promise of New Life, New Beginnings, Greater Miracles, Restoration and Revival.

I watched as the cloud of His Glory and Presence descended upon the Body of Christ like a blanket.  I watched as many received new mandates and new mantles.

I saw the Spirit of might and power and supernatural multiplication being poured out on those that were waiting, willing and Ready to Go forth into the fields that ripe for Harvest.

Then I heard Him say, “The cloud of My Glory comes to shift and lift the atmosphere of darkness that has covered the whole earth.  

The cloud of My Glory comes to bring the rain of Redemption, Restoration and Revival that will soak and saturate a dry and thirsty land.

The cloud of My Glory comes to lead and direct My people into a New and Fruitful land a land of Promise and Prosperity.

The cloud of My Glory comes as a canopy to cover and protect My people from the intensity of the battle that rages and from the deadly arrows that fly.

The cloud of My Glory comes to connect My people to My creative power in this hour and season.

The cloud of My Glory comes to unlock and reveal New Vision, New Strategy and Greater Wisdom and Hidden Revelation.

The cloud of My Glory comes to herald the sound of Great Victory and Deliverance for My Mighty Warriors that walking close to Me in this hour!”

Now Keep Watch, for the cloud of His Glory and presence that is coming as a blanket to lift, shift, rain, release, restore, revive, renew, cover, protect, connect, unlock, reveal and herald the plans and purposes of God’s Kingdom on the Earth in this season of Celebration and Crossing over.

 *  *  *  *  *

  • Don’t allow the distractions of the devil to hinder you; God is releasing a fresh wind of divine acceleration over His children!
  • Resist, rebuke and renounce lies concerning your true Kingdom identity; you have been chosen you for such a time as this!



~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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