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God’s Secret Plans Now Revealed — 3 Comments

  1. Given that Naomi changed her name to ‘Mara’ and Sarah laughed at God’s promises, let’s not judge ourselves to hard shall we? Thats almost a little to Utopian that everyone is going to do that ‘love calling’.

    A bunch of Dry Bones cant go out and create an Army of Fire. Hence your “Personal revival must happen”; God is not an idiot. If he wants us to share, and preach, and revive others he knows he has to breathe on us. A broken car cant pick people up, and an empty pitcher cant pour out water. In the words of every preacher and prophet since eons ago, “Still Standing”

  2. The only “love” a human can show another human is to speak only what he hear the Father say. That is why He says you shall love one another AS (as!) I have loved you and by THIS kind of love (which is in totally opposition to men’s way of show love) men shall know that you are my disciples”

    This is the only thing we see Jesus do, hearing and doing what the Father is saying and doing, that is why the little word AS is of great importance. The commandment to a believer is to do the same thing, all other kind of “love” is nothing but “flesh” and dead deeds, no matter how good the intentions may be.

    In other word, you don’t have to “feel” love for to “show” love.

  3. Wow interesting because I was talking about the rapture just last night on YouTube, about a dream I had in the summer of 2014….

    I know I need to improve in certain areas like loving my neighbors and God more.

    God bless YOU DOUG!

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