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  1. This is amazing! After my retiring prayer/petition for some clarity about what God wanted of me in my broken condition, I went to bed. Just before I woke in the early hours, I encountered The Spirit and felt His euphoric presence, who said to me; ‘a golden bowl of incense was being poured out.’ I recalled the seven bowls of wrath being poured out in John’s Revelation, but couldn’t recall anything about a golden bowl of incense being poured out’, so I googled it and this came up. I feel privileged to have found it, and after what I’ve been through in recent years, I’m greatly encouraged. Thank you for your ministry and exposition on ‘golden bowls of incense’. It has given clarity to my dream revelation. Blessings!

  2. Prayer without one another supportive relationships is not very effective. The body of Christ calls for each part working properly.

    Messiah Jesus proclaimed: Matthew 25:31-43

  3. Not for me. Complacency, thank God literally, has not taken place again in my life. But I pray Father for those held in bondage there, for the Power of their Creators possibilities to be released, along with Your Living Word of Truth to extract the lies and awaken the passion within.
    I do pray Father, that You would keep me and all Your children who’ve been battered, and torn, and worn down by the battle, from the temptation to become complacent. That You would continue to fan the flame within us in spite of the continuous persecution and pure hatred pouring out tbrough wounded and deceived people. Bless these people Father. Send forth Your Word please and speak to them Father, Spirit to Spirit, and awaken them to their true identity in Your Beautiful Image. Restore to them the years the locust have eaten, and make them an example of Hope to those held captive in chains to do the will of the defeated deceiver. In Your Most Precious and Beautiful Name, Amen

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