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Graduation and Kingdom Promotion — 2 Comments

  1. What an amazing Word and such a powerful dream Yvonne, thank you for sharing.
    I’ve been in this School as well and it’s not been an easy time. I’m always thankful and encouraged by others who can relate.
    A friend of mine recommended to me, while in the darkest part of this Night Season, to read the book ‘Visions From Heaven’ by Wendy Alec. I listened to it on audio probably more than I can count, but your testimony reminded me of when The Father tells Wendy that those who have been sifted by Satan, when they’ve been completed, will be “off-limits” to the enemy!! This Light of Hope has kept my feet moving through the Valley of deep dark shadows. Sheesh…Whew!! :)
    God Bless you beautiful lady!!

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