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Great Victories Bring About Great Snakes! — 4 Comments

  1. Yes THANK YOU …I as well recently had a dream about snakes different color snakes. They were ready to attack me until a man in the dream killed them. It was three snakes (one snake have various colors of pink, second was green & third can’t remember). But when the green snake try to hid (or escape) is was eliminated. All 3 perished.

  2. Thank you so very much for this word. My daughter has been chronically Ill continuously for 15 years and noone can understand why nothing works. The Lord showed me three defeated snakes hanging from our hands but we didn’t understand.

    He warned us a month ago she was going through a fiery door but the path would be clear on the other side. After reading your word I have realised the two pictures are connected@

    Snakes hate fire and she is going through a fiery doorway. The snakes will be defeated and loose their stranglehold on her immune system. Paradise the Lord God if Israel!!!!

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