Grieve not, the Holy Spirit of God


Quench not the Spirit . . .  There are times, when God is going to ask you to do something, you’d really rather not do.  I wrote this message last evening, but I deleted it.  I was told that I could, if, I would agree to do it again later.  So, I’ll just begin.

About 30 years ago, a renown minister, an apostle/evangelist, was speaking to us at a very large gathering.  He said he felt that many of us, were clamoring for revival; but that he didn’t think we were truly ready.  He said, that in the middle of the greatest revival the world had ever known, two people were struck down at the door.  The man, Ananias, was asked, why have you allowed Satan, to put it into your heart, to lie to the Holy Ghost. His wife, Sapphira, was in on the deception.

The minister went on to tell us, that some among our group, had tried to stand against the gifts of the Spirit being fully restored to the church.  They had suppressed and diverted the true function of the five-fold ministry.  He declared to us, that they were no longer going to be able to do that.  If they did, they would incur God’s wrath.  He said ministries would disintegrate.  People’s nerves would fragment.  Families would fall apart; that children of those who had lived in the church all of their lives, would go off the deep end.  That God would deal, with anyone who got in His way.  He reminded us that judgment, even yet, begins at the house of the Lord.  (I weep now with tears, and I tell you that I would scream not to tell this.)

I’ve seen judgment fall in the house of the Lord; it’s a terrible thing.  We were told about a shaking in the land; it already started years ago now.  I saw happen, exactly what the man prophesied would happen.  I saw precious young men, fall, and their churches were given to others.  Even those in higher positions, were brought down . Families did fall apart, and minister’s children did go off the deep end; they really did . Other ministers who were likely there, lost their ministries and their churches.  They grieved the Holy Spirit of God.  They stood between the church, and what God wanted to do among His people.  It cost them everything; everything.

There was a time when we were more sensitive to the Spirit.  We could recognize when the Holy Ghost was grieved.  A spirit of sadness, and even anger would settle upon the entire congregation.  Everything stopped.  We would all drop to our knees, all over the building to pray, and beseech the Lord.  We did not get up, until it lifted.  If it didn’t, the service went no further.  We would quietly leave and go to our homes; in the fear of the Lord.  The Holy Spirit is once again, grieved about what is going on in the Church.

While we live with so much, people in other parts of the world are giving their lives for being a Christian.  While many in the Lord’s house live in plenty, and are sated with their goods, people roam to and fro, wounded, lost and searching for someone to understand, and someone to care.  A cry has come up before the Lord.

This show that permeates the stage, what was once the platform and the altar, has offended the Spirit.  Some will think this post is not wise; denying the fear of the Lord, is the beginning of wisdom.  The latter rain is supposed to be greater.  Many want to see that; they are hungry once more.

But there are those who yet stand in the way, refusing to humble themselves and allow the Spirit to move freely.  The true apostolic church, will be restored to it’s original power; and even greater.  Quench not the Spirit.  Grieve not the Holy Spirit of God.  It is written.


Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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