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Guard Your Heart but Be Encouraged This Day — 7 Comments

  1. Wisdom speaks. I love that we are to guard our heart and and not judge theirs. Experience is a great teacher. So be it…love ENDURES all things and the fiery furnace of affliction leaves us as a flaming fire of understanding and goodness..who knew? That is what it means to be conformed to His image, Great word, dear one. We are all in the test of our lives as we daily cry, Lord, show me my heart for great is the deception as we realize these are the days when even the very elect are yielding to compromise. xoxo Sandi

    • As always Sandi thank you for your input. It sure is a daily walk, and checking of our own hearts. You are so right, as compromise is prevalent in this age! Lord help us, guide us, use us to walk in truth and in Spirit and not yield to the world’s system, (even the church worlds religious system.) Love & Prayers, Hugs, Joyce

  2. @ Mark Roberts Good point. Thank you. That religious spirit in the churches will try come against you. Many of their hearts are still in the world of which you spoke. The hypocriting spirit is so jealous.It is like a battle of the fruits of the spirit operating verses the works of the flesh. Python spirit can get ahold of a church. There was one I was asked to speak in years back. I never went back. No one could hear the warning message but maybe one. Glad for him that his ears were sharpened. The Lord told me to wipe the dust off my feet and not go back! The church soon shut down. It grieved me but the Lord was merciful to send warnings. He is still sending out warnings. Afraid Ichabod is being wrote over some of the church doors. God bless you

    • Joyce, After looking up the python spirit in Acts 16, I see two things of note.  First, I see the love of money: the female slave was earning a lot of money for her owners. Second, she was actually speaking truths.  Many people are happy to hear certain truths, which makes them feel that they are spiritually safe, but are unhappy to hear the whole counsel of God that is necessary for their actual spiritual safety.  Churches that prioritize numbers and income are bound to go along with this. God bless!

      • Spot on Mark. Thank you much for adding this. It is the word of God speaking in Acts. Too many churches have made it about money and numbers, too. Lord help us all for Biblical standards and a plain path. Too many are wanting a glittery watered down gospel today. God bless you

  3. As a confirmation, I am reminded of the Lord’s injunction to be as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves.  I think this applies particularly now to our dealings now those in the
    the religious sphere of the church but who really love the world.

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