Hands Off!


This Word is for Many:

There are some you’ve prayed with, prayed for, served, given to, been a blessing to, and it has been of no effect.

For some; they’ve actually gotten worse.

You, according to the Word, are ‘the salt of the earth.’  The salt is a preservative.

We know prayer covers and the Intercessor prays out, what one cannot yet, and stands in the gap for that person.  However, your presence, your prayers, and even your giving (resource, finances, and time) has enabled them to continue on in their sin, believing that God is blessing them in their sin, because you are doing these things, because of your heart and not being led by the Spirit of God.

“Give them to Me, leave them on the Altar!”

It’s Time for You to Shift.

I see some placing loved ones in the hands of God.  As this is done; I see two large hands placing your loved ones on the altar of purification and refinement.

Then I see the LORD come and take your hand and lead YOU into the promises.

While they are going THROUGH… YOU are going INTO… Your promises.

There are two reasons for this:  The LORD will strip them, discipline them, until all that remains is Him.

As they go through and are stripped; you will be added to and simultaneously, as the LORD NOW has their attention (that you’ve finally given them over to Him), they are not going to want that life anymore.  The way of the transgressor is hard, and as they go through, they will see the blessings of the LORD released and they’re not only going to want a change from that hard life, but are going to want, what you have.

But you have to let go completely.

Some will lose homes, lose loved ones, have near death experiences, have illness (not unto death but to glorify the LORD,   John 11:4), but keep your hands off until their process is complete.

The end will be better than the beginning and better than you imagined it would be,   (Ecclesiastes 7:8 & Ephesians 3:20).


~ Jennifer Mars

Jennifer MarsJennifer Mars is a Minister from Syracuse, NY and is a Co-Founder of Zion International Ministries.


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Hands Off! — 4 Comments

  1. This is indeed my word. I am going through this with my sister. i have been trying so hard with helping her but it seems nothing is working for 3 years now. This is indeed the Lord speaking. Thank you.

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