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He Alone Has All the Answers — 8 Comments

  1. Yes! And Amen Lord!!
    I believe and receive Your Word Lord!!
    Thank You Jesus!
    Even so- The Blood!!
    Nevertheless- The Blood!!
    No matter what- THE BLOOD!!!
    Hallelujah JESUS!!!!!!!
    Thank You Jesus!!
    Thank you Sandi!

    • Thank you Marc, Yes the BLOOD and it has never lost it’s power. You are SO welcome. Thank you for adding the BLOOD! Glory be to GOD. May the Grace of God abound to you as you move into the fullness of Springtime. Sandi

  2. Such confirming words to my spirit, God is opening new doors, I am a witnessing this right now, the enemy is a liar. I am in awe how quickly this is taking place. I am grateful to hear such a confirmation, for such as time as this❤️

    • Hallelujah Nancy, so grateful for your feedback. I love it when the Lord confirms His word to us and we receive a deep witness in our spirit. God bless you richly, Sandi Holman

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