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HE is appearing in the USA in spite of the opposition! — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you My Sister – As Usual, Holy Spirit Always uses you to Bring A Refreshing Word of Revelation in Due Season! I too am Excited & in Much Anticipation of what tne Lord is about to Manifest in this Hour! I always looking forward to reading what the Spirit of God has given you. Continue to walk in Humility & Remember that Nothing happens outside of His Love!…less you become a “sounding Brass or a tingling cymbal!” ;-) Thank You

    Minister Mary Byrd

  2. Jesus will not ‘return’ He will ‘come’.
    The second coming is the fullness of His Spirit who shall, at the last trumpet arise inside all the true believers who have taken their cross and denied the life of the world and therefore in perfect obedience died from ‘self’ and become as one body united in one Spirit which the head of this body is Christ and Him shall we meet in the air not on earth.
    This is the ‘second’ coming of Christ.
    Only the man of lawlessness will be a “visible” person.
    “Why stand ye gazing up into heaven? this same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven,” Acts 1:11.
    “lo, I tell you a secret; we indeed shall not all sleep, and we all shall be changed,” 1 Korinth.15:51.
    “Then if any one may say to you, Lo, here is the Christ! or here! ye may not believe for there shall arise false Christs,” Matth. 24:23-24, Mark 13:21, Luke 17:21,23.
    “…Who concerning the truth have erred, saying that the resurrection is past already; and overthrow the faith of some,” 2 Tim. 2:18.

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